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As of Nov 2017, there are 41 rideshare vendors operating in North America. For consumers, that is too many options, too many services and too many apps to download. Consumers will not manually compare 3 different vendor services, let alone 41!


Whipster aggregates and consolidates all rideshare vendors and services into one app, into one view, for consumers to compare prices, ETAs and availability.


Whipster is a rideshare aggregation service. The Expedia, the Trivago, of the emerging Rideshare Industry. Whipster originated as a rideshare service but it has evolved into a full ground transportation aggregation platform. Whipster allows consumers to compare prices, ETAs and availability for rideshares, taxis, bikeshares and public transit in over 400 cities in North America.

As a platform, with its own backend API, Whipster is able to put the power of choice, awareness and expediency back into the hands of consumers, urban commuters and business travelers alike. Whipster has many unique services that separates it from competitors, including a proprietary scheduling service that targets legacy taxis and black car businesses giving them a chance to get back in the game.

Whipster has built the product, the platform and the services. It has a vision for the next 3 to 5 years and its goal is to be the leader in the rideshare aggregation space. Whipster is seeking the right partners and investors who are interested in investing in Whipster's disruptive and game changing business.

Rideshare Industry

Nearly $27B has been invested into over 30 rideshare companies in the NOrth America. Internationally, 10's of billions more has been invested into dozens more rideshare companies. In 2014 there were but just three rideshare vendors; now there are 41. Rideshare is a fast emerging industry ripe with opportunity.


Over 140M users have at least one rideshare vendor app on their phone. Over 100M have at least two vendors and in specific markets 10's millions of users have as many as 5 vendors to chose from. As rideshare vendors continue to expand to new markets consumer growth will dramatically rise but so to will the amout of apps each user will need to install.


US Taxi cab 2017 revenues are reported at $23B. US Rideshare 2017 revenues are nearly $12B with expected growth to $28B by 2022. In 2012 rideshare industry did not exist, today it accounts for 30% market share and continues to rapidly erode taxi revenues.


Competition is good; and it will exist. The travel industry has taught the business world much about aggregation services; mainly that multiple, dozens even, of thriving and competing services can coexist. The key to Whipster's dominance is two fold: 1) to be the first and 2) to do it right. Whipster is on track to acheiving both.

The Problem

Consumers will not install more than a few preferred vendor apps; let alone 30. Additionally, even with just a few apps on their phone consumers will not manually flip between multiple apps to price compare and check availability. A consequence of these behaviors will prevent consumers from realizing more vendors, ride options and better prices are available.

The Solution

With over 40 rideshare vendors rideshare aggregation services like Whipster are going to be a necessity for a thriving market. Whipster allows consumers to have just one app that displays all their options in one view allowing them to choose the service or transportation method that best fits their need.

The Opportunity

To date, all interest and investment in the rideshare industry have been into rideshare vendors themselves; fueling the explosive growth. But Whipster is ahead of the game and has focused on whats next. By the time the dust settles in the exploding rideshare industry Whipster will have built the "what's next" and will be the leader in rideshare aggregation services.


Whipster is currently open to investors seeking opportunities to invest in disruptive technologies and services. The value add is that Whipster is not seeking capital to build the product or services; we already built it..and its solid! Whipster is seeking capital to fund the marketing, scale the operations and grow the company.

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Over $25B has been invested into rideshare companies in North America

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